"In the perpetual quest for new and vital artists, Bobby Belfry is one to savor, embrace and lend the hand of fame to...vocally, Belfry is smooth as satin, his voice caressing the scale...smooth jazz outlets will have a ball with this shrewd offering, spelling out the beginning of a relationship that deserves to last, given the wealth of beautifully written and produced cuts on Imperfect Rhymes."

Chuck Taylor

"He could be this generation's Cole Porter...intelligent and thought provoking lyrics."

Joey Renolds

"Utterly at ease in front of an audience, he is able to turn each song into a journey and an unmistakable destination...versatile performer."

Eric Meyers  

"Bobby Belfry couldn't have asked for a better last name, because he sounds as clear as a bell. And he's collected honors that are just as ringing as his clear tenor voice."

Wayman Wong 

"Belfry's been hard at work on a raft of new songs written mostly with musical director Steven Ray Watkins and the results are solid and promising...has produced songs that are melodic, bouncy, introspective and allow Belfry to showcase his confident performing style to wonderful effect."

David Hurst  

"...that clear tenor voice of Belfry's-seems so filled-to-the-brim with joy that your spirits can't help but rise as you listen... great verve...fascinating."

Chip Deffaa 

" I have long championed Belfry's beautiful seamless pop tenor and the way he delivers every tune with deep commitment...hitting stratospheric notes...he let's us know that his songs basically reflect events and inspirations that have affected him over the years.   A first rate artist on the brink of discovery by a wider audience. "

John Hoglund

"... not long ago we dropped into the upper east side sing-along club Brandy's to catch the action around an open mike. It was good luck for us because (1998) Outstanding-MAC Nominee Bobby Belfry was there...when he sang "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables the most amazing thing happened. This noisy, smoky and otherwise unappreciative crowd suddenly hushed as if an angel had appeared over them. And in some sense one had. Belfry started at a surprisingly high note-we were sure he would have to change octaves sometime soon-but then he soared higher and higher, taking the song and the audience to heaven. It was amazing."

Scott & Barbara Siegel

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